Why Invest With Cuban Eddie’s!

Why Invest
Since 2005 – Cuban menu items mentions have grown by
- “9 Dishes to Make You Fall for Cuban Cuisine”, Saveur, February 22, 2016
Of 26,000 restaurants, less than 2% are latin-food based and most of those are Mexican.
- QSR Magazine
80% of American’s eat at least 1 type of ethnic cuisine each month.
- National Restaurant Association statistic 2016
Initial Fees and Investment Terms Notes on Investment Terms
Startup costs $213,300 - $332,700 $29,500 initial Franchise Fee included in that range
On-going Royalty 5% Paid Weekly Of gross revenues
Brand Development Fund 1% paid weekly Local marketing $750 per month
Territory 5-mile radius or 250,000 in population (whichever is less) As defined in the agreement
Grand Opening $5,000 Pre-opening funds committed to business launch

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